What should I do when my baby cries?


First, troubleshoot. Is your baby hungry? Wet? Hot? In pain from a too-tight diaper, pinching snap, or a fine hair wrapped tightly around a finger or toe?

If your baby is full, clean, comfortable, and without a fever, try soothing them by swaddling, walking and rocking, and turning on a calming sound like the vacuum or a white noise machine.

Offer a pacifier or a finger to suck.

Although "crying it out" as a sleep training tactic is not recommended for newborns, if you're about to start crying hysterically, it's OK to put baby down in a safe space for a few minutes to give yourself a break.

From: Should I Let My Baby Cry? WebMD Medical Reference

Reviewed by Amita Shroff on November 30, 2017
Reviewed by Amita Shroff on November 30, 2017


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