Take a Deep Breath

Week 8

After two weary months, you're finally emerging from your haze. You're sleeping a little more (hopefully) and getting used to caring for a newborn. As you settle into a routine with your baby, the out-of-sorts feeling should lift and you'll start feeling more like your former self again!

Now that you’re probably more comfortable with diapering, dressing, and feeding, it’s time to get to know your baby. Her personality may be showing by now. Learn what makes her smile and what drives her to tears. Learn how to tell when she's ready to eat and when she's cranky and just wants to nap. Finally, dive into all those baby books you've been meaning to finish.

Try taking some time now to remember what it's like to be YOU. Ask a family member or trusted babysitter to watch your baby. Get out of the house for a couple of hours, even if it's just to get a pedicure or see a movie. Try to reconnect with your partner -- maybe a dinner date?

Well-Dressed Baby

Babies weren't meant to be on any best-dressed list. Forget fashionable. Baby clothes need to be functional.

The best clothes for babies are:

  • Comfortable. Tight clothes constrict little limbs, and you can forget about trying to wriggle a squirming baby into and out of them.
  • Seasonal. In warm weather, dress your baby in light, breathable fabrics such as cotton that won't make her overheat. In cold weather, choose heavier fabrics or layer clothes.
  • Practical. Expensive designer duds will be worthless after they've been spit-up, peed, and spilled on enough times, and babies grow out of them so quickly. Never dress your baby in anything you'd hate to see ruined.
  • Easy. Before buying a fancy outfit covered in buttons and zippers, remember that you're the one who has to button every button and zip every zipper.

Week 8 Tips

  • It's time to venture out of the house. Take walks with your baby in the stroller, or join a mom's group so you can socialize. Walking will also help your body get back to its previous health!
  • Always have a safe playpen handy to keep your baby safe while you cook or do anything else that takes your attention away from her.
  • Your dog may be your best friend, but your baby can make unexpected moves that spook your pooch. Never leave a baby alone with even the gentlest family pet.
  • Do you feel like a broken record? Don't feel silly singing the same lullaby over and over. Babies love repetition.
  • During these early months, you're forming a bond with your baby that will last a lifetime. Get in some skin-to-skin time when you nurse, read, or sing to her.
  • If your baby hasn't settled into a sleep-feed schedule, nudge her into a routine that matches yours. Feed your baby before you go to bed at night so she sleeps before the next feeding.
  • What's hanging? Nothing should be. Cut any loose strings or ribbons that are dangling from the mobile, crib bumpers, or windows before they can hurt your baby or cause your baby to strangle.
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