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Always talk to your child's healthcare provider before trying any of these options.


Pedaling the legs and gently massaging the tummy can get things moving.


Giving the baby prune juice can produce a laxative effect.

Pear, apricot and peach juice can also produce a laxative effect. However, any juice adds extra sugar to your baby's diet.


Giving the baby dark corn syrup can help soften stool.

Dark corn syrup may help keep water in baby's stool, allowing it to pass easier. Like juice, this method increases baby's sugar intake.


Giving the baby a suppository can help move things along.

Suppositories can help, but it's recommended that they be used only on recommendation from your pediatrician, as some can become habit-forming.

Contact your pediatrician to see if Enfamil Reguline is the right formula for your baby.

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