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When your child is dealing with tummy or digestive issues, it can be hard to watch as a parent; however, many of these issues can be addressed through a change in diet. Use the guide below to help discover the Enfamil infant formula best suited to ease your baby's tummy troubles.

What Infant Formula

Is Right For Your Baby?

Does Your Baby Experience Frequent Spit Up?

Enfamil A.R.

Enfamil A.R. is clinically proven* to reduce spit-up volume by over 50% within one week. Get more information about Enfamil A.R.

* vs the same infants at the beginning of the study; based on a published, double-blind. randomized. controlled trial with infants who regurgitated frequently (5 or more spit-ups per day)

Does Your Child Have Difficulty Pooping On Occasion?

Enfamil Reguline

Enfamil Reguline is specifically designed to promote soft, comfortable stools within one week. Learn more here.

Enfamil Gentlease

Enfamil Gentlease is clinically proven to reduce crying, fussiness and gas within 24 hours and provides a gentle start for sensitive tummies. Learn more here.

This diagram was designed as a guide to share information on our Enfamil Infant Solutions portfolio of products. Always discuss feeding options with your pediatrician.

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