Helping a Special-Needs Child

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T. Berry Brazelton Pediatrician
Can early intervention help a special-needs child?

T. Berry Brazelton Pediatrician
Well I think we're learning a great deal and now that we have brain research to back us up, but we've known a lot for a long time. I think from the stand point of motor delays, Gene Airs, and the, Bo Beths, showed us that changing from a passive model to an active model of reaching for toys and getting excited so you want to crawl somewhere. It made absolute 180 turn, and now with the sensory apparatus, we can do the same thing.

T. Berry Brazelton (cont.)
Kids that are hyper sensitive to auditorial or visual if you slow that down and quiet it down, they can integrate around it. So the whole area of sensory integration is a major break through. In the autistic spectrum we're learning a lot about how to help kids if we can start early, become more open and more aware of the world around them and get able to interact with them. We still have a long way to go but we're learning a lot.