3 Things to Bring to the Playground

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As a parent, you always want to make sure your kid has everything they need.

Here are three things to take to the playground.

Number one-- a towel.

You can use it to transform into super-parent, but we're thinking of a few more practical things.

A towel comes in handy on hot slides and swings or when things are wet.

You can also lay it on park bench for a little comfort of your own.

If you're going to be there a while, maybe bring a few.

Number two-- extra pair of pants.

If there's dirt, mud, or water around, a kid's going to find it.

And let's be honest.

Sometimes playing on the playground is a higher priority than stopping to go the bathroom.

Whatever the mess, you'll be prepared with clean pants for them to change into.

Number three-- bubbles.

Bubbles are like instant friends in a bottle.

Open them up and watch the crowds of kids appear.

With this magic wand, you can transform the playground into a party.

Prepare with these three things and your memories of the playground will be the happy kind.