Family Makeover: Bedtime

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You know that feeling. Your family is tired all day, but when bedtime rolls around, you're wide awake. What's keeping you up? Chances are it's the choices you make right before heading to bed.

Time for a bedtime makeover. Here are five tricks that will help you feel fresh and rested tomorrow. Number one, wind down early-- about an hour before you hit the sheets. Phones and other screens off. That goes for everyone, even the grownups. That'll give your mind plenty of time to power down.

Number two, do something to relax. Get everyone to read a book or listen to some soothing music-- whatever will help you zen out. Number three, if your mind is racing, clear your head by writing down your thoughts, worries, or your to-do list for tomorrow. Then, forget about it until the sun rises.

Number four, make your bedrooms just right for sleep, that means cool and dark with no computers, TVs, or phones. Number five, stick to a schedule. It's tempting to stay up on the weekends, but everyone will feel so much better if they go to bed at the same time every night-- you too, Mom and Dad. That way, you'll set your body's natural clock to get sleepy at the right time.

Small bedtime tweaks mean better rest, more energy, and healthier choices all day. Sweet dreams.