How to Improve Your Mood

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You know makes me cry in the kitchen? [SNIFF] Onions. OK, so, that's only because the strong smell of fresh onions, like these, make my eyes water. But let's face it. In life, there are things that just make you feel like crying. And that's OK.

There are times we feel sad and times we feel happy or angry or frustrated. These feelings are called "moods." Lots of things can affect them, even sleep and the food we eat. And everybody has them.

So, what about your moods? What do you do to put yourself in a good mood? Or how do you get yourself out of a bad one?

When I want to put myself in a good mood, I talk to my friends on the phone. I'll go on the internet or just listen to my favorite songs.

When I'm in a bad mood or, like, can't go to sleep sometimes, I like to eat apples.

I enjoy reading.

I talk to my dad.

If I get in a bad mood, we really have to get over it.

I really do enjoy playing guitar when I'm feeling sad or angry.

I think that I'm pretty sure that I'm usually happy. Or, if I'm not, then I just go in my room for a while-- just get it out of me.

Those are really good examples. And it's extra important to focus on doing positive things when you're in a bad mood. You see, there are healthy and unhealthy ways to try to feel better.

The best thing to do for your mind and your body is is to talk about it with someone. Or, you can write down how you feel in words, or even draw pictures. Do anything to express yourself. In other words, share your feelings-- kind of like we're doing right now.