Chef Lizzie: Ways to Recharge

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We've talked a lot about food and exercise on this program. But did you realize that sometimes the best activity to do is, well, nothing? That's why I'm making myself a nice cup of herbal tea, because it helps me relax.

Yes, like our parents, who work really hard, it's also really important for us kids to take time away from all our activities, to wind down and recharge our batteries. We're constantly busy learning and growing, after all.

Now, tell us-- what do you think it means to recharge?

To recharge means to, like, lay down or do something that involves, like, little or no energy.

It's important to wind down, sometimes, because when you go to sleep, that's when you get your rest.

When I had a long day of school, I like to take a nap or watch TV.

For me, I like to go to the pool and lay under the sun, or sometimes read a book, or listen to music.

I think I need about 10, 10 and a half hours of sleep.

When I want to recharge, I'll take a nap, or I'll talk to my friends, or I'll just read.

Those are all really good ideas. Now, it's important to understand that recharging does not mean sitting down on your couch to play a video game or using your computer. Your mind is just like another muscle in your body. It needs rest, in order to grow stronger.

And if you sometimes have trouble winding down to relax, especially around bedtime, rituals and routines are great. Believe it or not, even sleep can take practice!