10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Parkinson's Disease

Medically Reviewed by Christopher Melinosky, MD on April 26, 2021
1.Why did I develop Parkinson's disease?
2.What are my treatment options?
3.What are the pros and cons of each treatment?
4.What short-term and long-term side effects can I expect from the treatment? Is there anything I can do to minimize them?
5.Can you recommend any support groups for my family and me?
6.Are there any non-drug options that might help? What lifestyle modifications can I make to help me feel better?
7.Are there any foods, supplements, or over-the-counter drugs I should avoid?
8.Where can I find out more about Parkinson's disease?
9.How can I relax and manage stress?
10.Are there any clinical trials I can take part in?