Summary of Changes to the WebMD Privacy Policy, effective June 11, 2012

We updated our Privacy Policy on June 11, 2012 to be more consistent with industry standards and to allow us to improve your experience on WebMD websites. Our commitment to protecting your privacy and your personal information will always be at the forefront of everything we do.

Because we believe that advertising related to your health interests is more valuable and of greater interest to you, we updated our privacy policy in the following ways:

  1. Information that WebMD collects about you may be combined with information from other sources. We will use this combined information to provide you with more relevant content and advertising and for research and measurement purposes, including measuring the effectiveness of content, advertising or programs. WebMD does not make your personal information available to third parties for their marketing purposes.
  2. To give you the choice and control of our advertising efforts related to what’s known as Online Behavioral Advertising, we have added the Ad Choices icon in the footer of every page of our site. By clicking on the Ad Choices icon, you can opt out of any advertising based on the information we have about you. In addition, you may also opt-out of data collection and advertising by designated third parties through cookies via the Network Advertising Initiative gateway opt-out site.

Important Note for Current Registered Users:

Contact WebMD: Please email us by using the Contact Us link at the bottom of every page on our site if you have any questions about our Privacy Policy.

You can also contact WebMD’s Privacy Office at:

Attn: Office of Privacy
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Atlanta, GA 30361
Phone: 866-788-3097

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