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Frequently Asked Questions
What do I do if the pharmacist charges me a higher price?

When you search for the cost of a prescription, WebMDRx provides the most current pricing available at the time of that search. If there is a difference in price, make sure that the type (generic vs. brand), quantity, dosage and form are all correct. Small differences, like if a medication is extended or timed release, can make large price differences. WebMDRx does its best to show the expected price. However, pharmacies, like any other retailer, may change their prices. Prices are subject to change and may vary based on available pharmacy inventory.

If you have searched again after checking that your search matches your prescription and the WebMDRx price at the pharmacy is not accurate, please call customer service (844) 653-6491 to report the occurrence. We will work to resolve the issue or help you understand why the price was different.

What if the pharmacy will not accept my WebMDRx coupon?

If your coupon was not accepted for any reason, please immediately call customer service at (844) 653-6491 . This number can also be found on your coupon.