FDA OKs FC2 Female Condom

FC2 Female Condom Similar to First Female Condom, but Will Cut Cost Up to 30% Less

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March 12, 2009 -- The FDA has approved a lower-cost female condom, called the FC2 Female Condom, to help prevent pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases.

That news comes from Chicago-based Female Health Company, which makes the FC2 Female Condom and the original female condom, called the FC1 Female Condom, which the FDA approved in 1993.

A female condom is a thin, flexible sheath worn by a woman inside her vagina. Like male condoms, female condoms are sold without a prescription and each female condom should only be used once.

The FC1 and FC2 female condoms have the same design and work equally well. But the FC2 will cost up to 30% less than the FC1 because of less costly materials and manufacturing.

About 35 million female condoms were distributed worldwide in 2008, compared to about 10 billion male condoms, states a Female Health Company news release.