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If you have psoriasis, you might want extra support in addition to your medical care team. Blogs, nonprofit organizations, and online communities can offer information to help you manage your condition.

Resources like these can provide you with lifestyle tips, emotional support, and educational information from experts or other people who have psoriasis. You can ask your doctor about which organizations they suggest, or you can find them online.

These resources can help you learn more and gain different perspectives. But remember that online information isn’t medical advice. When viewing online information, it’s important to ask yourself:

  • Who runs this website? What are their intentions?
  • Are they well-recognized and respected?
  • Are they trying to sell me anything?
  • Does their material sound too good to be true?
  • Do they list sources for their information?
  • Is the site medically reviewed, up to date, and based on scientific research?

Nonprofit Organizations

There are some nonprofits for people with psoriasis. On these sites, you can learn more about your condition and get some of the latest news and research. You may also be able to connect with other people who have psoriasis through in-person or online support groups or online forums the organization hosts. The following are the major psoriasis-related nonprofit organizations:

You can also check out medical organizations for skin diseases. Their websites provide information about psoriasis and other skin conditions. Try these:


Some people with psoriasis blog about their experiences living with a chronic skin condition. These sites can help you feel less alone when you read about other experiences similar to yours. You may also connect with others through the comments and share your experiences with each other.

Many of these blogs offer tips to live and thrive with psoriasis, but you should never take medical advice from these sites. Always talk to your doctor before you start a new treatment or make a major lifestyle change related to your psoriasis.

The following are a few blogs that relate the first-person experiences of people living with psoriasis:

Online Communities

These sites, like blogs, can help you connect with others who have psoriasis. Social media groups and hashtags can lead you to other helpful resources and provide tips on living with the skin condition.

Some of the organizations listed above also have social media pages. You can usually find links to their official accounts on their websites.

Facebook. Psoriasis Facebook groups provide a forum where people with psoriasis can interact with each other. You might use the page to seek and offer advice or simply to connect with other people who understand. You can find a smaller group in your area or join larger Facebook support pages. Here are a couple of the larger groups:

Psoriasis Support Group


Reddit. This social media outlet connects you with people who share similar interests. Reddit organizes groups by topic. You can join a specific forum, on psoriasis for example, and then find subgroups dedicated to more focused topics, such as specific medications or types of psoriasis. Start here:

Popular hashtags. To find additional psoriasis content, you can search for #psoriasis, #psoriasiswarrior, #psoriasisawareness, or #psoriasiscommunity on social media platforms.

When using social media, always make sure that that information is reliable. Information and advice online can be false or potentially harmful. These are a few rules of thumb:

  • Double check to the best of your ability that the account holder is who they say they are.
  • Try to stick with verified accounts. Social media sites use specific symbols to let users know that a particular account is legit. This might be a checkmark or a badge.
  • Make sure that the information you read is reliable. Ask your doctor about anything that you’re unsure of.

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