Stuart J. Meyers, MD

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Stuart J. Meyers, MD, has focused over the last several years on developing education and communication programs to meet the needs of patients and members of the healthcare community, as well as the healthcare industry. He has developed various online, offline, and multimedia programs, from disease management clinics to integrated offerings for various device and pharmaceutical products. Trained in Clinical Laboratory Medicine and Medical Informatics, Meyers has a longstanding interest in developing solutions to healthcare information issues that are effective in the busy, everyday world in which we live. His experience ranges from work on automated medical records and clinical outcomes to data mining and market research.

Meyers recognizes the profound yet largely unrecognized impact that sleep disorders have on our health and wellness, performance, productivity, safety and healthcare costs. As co-founder ofSound Sleep, LLC, he is dedicated to raising the awareness of sleep disorders among the public and the healthcare community, and developing innovative education and communication programs for their assessment and treatment.

As a consultant, Meyers has worked to assess new healthcare business opportunities and then develop the plan, business model, assets, and relationships necessary to execute upon those opportunities. He has also worked in the development, marketing, and sales of blood testing for peptic ulcer disease.

As Vice President of Strategic Integration at WebMD, Meyers led a multidisciplinary team that worked with many of WebMD's pharmaceutical and medical-device company sponsors to develop multimedia offerings and integrate them on WebMD's physician and consumer portals.


As Medical Editor for Medcast News (currently WebMD), Meyers helped launch the Oncology Internet daily news service for physicians.

While at Ochsner Foundation in New Orleans, Meyers led a team to create a multidisciplinary disease management clinic for peptic ulcer disease and participated in several studies evaluating automated electronic capture of the clinical notes generated during a patient visit, as well as electronic repositories of clinical information.

As Director of Medical Informatics at an Atlanta-based company, he created and worked with various physician specialty advisory groups to develop clinical outcomes data and reports for the physician, managed care and pharmaceutical marketplaces.

Meyers managed up to nine radiation therapy clinics spanning three states, where he was responsible for personnel management, marketing, billing and collection, and managed care contract negotiations.

Meyers attended Williams College and graduated magna cum laude from Duke University. A graduate of Tulane University School of Medicine and a board-certified clinical pathologist, Meyers completed a residency in Laboratory Medicine and a fellowship in Medical Informatics at Ochsner Foundation in New Orleans, Louisiana.