Trish McHenry

Trish McHenry

Trish McHenry is the associate director of the award-winning video team at WebMD. She oversees the pitching, scheduling, writing, and production of WebMD videos. In this role, she works with other departments to develop ideas, prioritize needs, and streamline workflow.

Before moving to video, she was managing editor of WebMD's editorial department, where she helped oversee the production of articles, quizzes, assessments, and slideshows.

Prior to WebMD, McHenry spent much of her professional life at CNN. Among her many roles were producing a feature show focused on sustainable development at CNN International,and managing the video team for CNN Newsource, which produces content for CNN affiliate clients. She also held a contract position at CNN The Row, where she helped ensure content met creative, editorial, legal, and compliance standards.

In the early 2000s, McHenry did some documentary filmmaking in Buffalo, NY. She researched, wrote, field and post-produced grant-funded documentaries for local and national distribution.

McHenry graduated with honors from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. She holds a bachelor's degree in speech communications and broadcast journalism.

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