Male Urinary Incontinence: 12 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Medically Reviewed by Nazia Q Bandukwala, DO on February 09, 2021
  1. What’s causing my urinary incontinence?
  2. Is male urinary incontinence related to getting older -- do all men eventually get it?
  3. Is urinary incontinence in men a sign of prostate problems or another medical condition?
  4. What medications would work best for my urinary incontinence?
  5. What can I do to make medications work better -- for example, should I take them at a certain time of day; with food or without food?
  6. How will I know if I need to change my urinary incontinence medication?
  7. Are there any over-the-counter or alternative medicines that can help male urinary incontinence?
  8. Can underwear or other urinary incontinence products help me manage leaks?
  9. Are there exercises that can help my urinary incontinence?
  10. Are there foods, drinks, medications, or activities that make urinary incontinence worse?
  11. Does stress make male urinary incontinence worse?
  12. Do I need to see a urinary incontinence specialist?