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‘Dracula’s Castle’ Offering Free COVID Shots


May 11, 2021 -- Dracula was not known for leading a healthy lifestyle, with all the blood drinking and sleeping in a casket, but the castle credited with inspiring the Dracula story is taking steps to keep people from catching COVID.

Tourists who visit the 14th-century Bran Castle in Brasov County, Romania, can get a free Pfizer vaccination at the castle on weekends through May, Reuters reported. They’ll get free admission and view the 52 medieval torture instruments on display.

"The idea ... was to show how people got jabbed 500-600 years ago in Europe," the castle's marketing director, Alexandru Priscu, told Reuters.

The number of people visiting the castle plummeted during the height of the COVID pandemic.

The Romanian government hopes to vaccinate 10 million people by September, which could open up the economy. But a think tank showed Romanians had the highest level of vaccine hesitancy among European Union nations, Reuters said.

A visitor last weekend, Fernando Orozco, 37, said the vaccination was a good deal.

"I was already planning to come to the castle and I just thought it was the two-for-one special," he said.

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