Sep. 2. 2021 -- The percentage of Americans saying they oppose taking the COVID-19 vaccine has dropped to the lowest point since the vaccines were first administered, a new poll shows.

The Axios-Ipsos poll released Tuesday found that 20% of respondents now say they’re unlikely to get the vaccine, compared to 23% two weeks ago and 34% in March. Hard opposition, defined as people not very likely or not at all likely to get vaccinated, has dropped to 14%.

The number of parents saying they’re likely to get their children vaccinated has increased.

About 68% say they’re likely to vaccinate their kids or have already done so, compared to 56% two weeks ago, the poll showed. Only 31% of parents now say they oppose having their kids vaccinated.

“With more than 45 million children under 12 -- who are not yet eligible for the vaccine – this change suggests that once the vaccine is approved for younger kids, there may be a significant surge in the vaccination rate,” the poll said.

The change in attitudes occurred in recent weeks as the Delta variant infects a growing number of people, mostly unvaccinated. The New York Times said over the last 14 days, the number of COVID infections has gone up 14%, hospitalizations 19%, and deaths 93%.

Also, the Food and Drug Administration gave final approval to the Pfizer vaccine, which earlier had been administered under emergency use authorization.

Health experts had predicted that vaccine approval would pump up the numbers of people getting vaccinated because employers, schools, and governmental organizations would be more likely to require people to get vaccinated.

In the poll, 43% of respondents said an employer requiring vaccination could play a role in their decision to get vaccinated, up from 33% a month ago.

The poll said respondents continue to support anti-COVID policies, with 70% approving of the use of masks in schools and 57% supporting vaccine requirements by their employers. The poll said 19% reported that their employers required vaccination but 54% require workplace masking.

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