Wayne L. Pines


Wayne L. Pines is WebMD's Washington columnist. He has lived in Washington, D.C., and worked on medical issues for more than three decades -- as a reporter, as an author, as a high official of the Food and Drug Administration, and as a private consultant.

Wayne was a reporter for "The Pink Sheet," a publication that reports on FDA-related issues. He then joined the FDA, first as Director of Consumer Education and Information and later as Associate Commissioner for Public Affairs, where he served as Chief Spokesman for the FDA.

After leaving the FDA, Wayne became a private consultant, helping organizations and companies understand Washington better and aiding them during crises. He also has become an expert in medical advertising issues.

Wayne has published several books. "When Lighting Strikes" is a manual of how to manage crises involving medical products. "A Practical Guide to Food and Drug Law and Regulation" and "How to Work with the FDA" both were published by the Food and Drug Law Institute. Wayne also authored the FDA Advertising and Promotion Manual and edits the monthly newsletter on advertising issues.


Wayne's column is intended to provide insight into what's happening in Washington and why, and often to predict what will happen.




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