What is Noom?

Noom is a new approach to weight loss and living healthier that’s not about banning foods or lists and rules but about self-awareness, accountability, and building habits. Noom is about learning why you eat and make decisions the way you do so you can change those habits yourself and reach your health goals on your schedule.

How is Noom Different?

You may have tried restrictive diets before: cutting carbs, cutting sugar, and saying goodbye to that last piece of pizza before eliminating all the fun from what you eat. It works for a while, and then, like a flash, you quickly gain back all the weight you lost and maybe more?

Because we know that restrictive dieting leads to “yo-yo” results, Noom focuses on your brain and gives you flexibility and confidence to make healthy choices for yourself. No food is off limits because when you have the mental tools to enjoy everything in moderation, long-term success is a lot easier.

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How Does Noom Work?

Noom asks for just ten minutes a day.

Read articles on behavior and thinking, and then log your meals and snacks plus your daily weight and exercise. These everyday tools help you keep your goals in focus and incorporate our cognitive behavioral approach in a way that becomes second nature.

In addition, every Noomer is assigned a one-on-one goal specialist, a real-life “coach” that helps keep you motivated and on target. You’re also connected with a group of Noomers who are at the same point in their weight-loss journeys because psychology has proven that support systems help people stick to the changes they’re seeking.

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What Can I Eat on Noom?

In general, Noom focuses on encouraging calorie-dense, nutrient-rich options so that you can feel satisfied and full for longer and build habits around eating (and snacking) in ways that make you healthier. Noom breaks down your daily eating by category and helps you see what kind of foods you're primarily eating so you can change for the better.

Another answer is: you can eat whatever you want! In moderation. Because Noom helps you with behavior and habit change, you’ll quickly learn that not having that brownie can sometimes have worse consequences than simply indulging. Noom also teaches you to forgive yourself and not just build the diet that works for you. Doing so allows you to be honest with your goals so that your actions are consistent with your plans.

How Can I Start Noom?

Go to Noom.com and click through a series of questionnaire screens, with items like your weight-loss goals, gender, age and starting weight, as well as your preferred weight-loss pace.

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Noom then gathers more in-depth information about your diet and lifestyle to help you and your coaches build a plan that works. You won’t be given a set of rules to start, just a goal specialist, a curriculum, and the ability to log your weight and food. From there, psychology and behavior change will guide you.

But Does it Work?

You will likely lose weight on Noom. In general, diets that emphasize low-calorie-dense foods have been shown to promote fullness on fewer calories and result in weight loss, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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