When it comes to shopping for Mom, flowers top the list of most popular gifts. You could give her a bright bouquet (again). Or you could look for something else to show your care and support her good health.

Here, you’ll find experts’ suggestions to do just that. Tailor your choices to your mom’s personal preferences. Would she rather have a cookbook, a spa day, power tools, new running shoes, a homemade breakfast, a yoga class gift certificate, or something that supports her hobby? The options are endless – and your thoughtfulness is probably what she’ll treasure the most.

Foam Roller

A massage-loving mom will love a foam roller.

Foam rollers help relieve muscle tension and soreness and promote relaxation. They come in multiple sizes and levels of firmness. Full-sized, firm rollers are best for large muscle groups. Smaller, softer ones work for small muscle groups and a gentler massage (and are perfect for travel).

“A foam roller is the perfect solution, allowing mom to engage in self-massage whenever she needs a quick fix,” says fitness expert Tom Holland, author of The Micro-Workout Plan.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Is a scented candle your go-to gift for Mother’s Day? You could break the predictable pattern with an essential oil diffuser. Though research on specific health benefits of essential oils isn’t robust, they can be a form of aromatherapy and smell good.

There are essential oil diffusers in all shapes, colors, and sizes. A nebulizing diffuser vaporizes the oil before releasing the aroma into the air, creating a stronger scent. Don’t forget to include a selection of essential oils, too.


If Mom likes to get her groove on while running on the treadmill or enjoys listening to a podcast while she walks the dog, a new set of headphones can help take her workout to the next level.

Holland suggests shopping for headphones that are meant for exercise and suggests looking for “a pair made for exercise and that will stay put while moving about; headphones that fall out during workouts can be frustrating.”


If Mom loves to prepare favorite family recipes, experiment with new foods, or get as efficient as possible to cut down on cooking chores, a multicooker is a popular kitchen gadget she might like. The combined pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, and rice cooker makes healthy cooking a snap, says Lisa McManus, executive editor of America’s Test Kitchen Reviews.

“Multicookers are undoubtedly great for tenderizing large economical cuts of meat like pot roast or pork shoulder, but they're also ideal for cooking grains and beans, lentils, and other healthy plant-based foods,” she says. “Since it takes much less time than traditional cooking methods, you don't have to turn to takeout or frozen pizza.”

She recommends choosing an 8-quart size for recipes that feed four to six people and a 6-quart size to cook for two to four people. Consider gifting mom a multicooker cookbook with lots of healthy recipes.

Fitness Tracker

Tracking metrics such as daily steps, calories burned, and resting heart rate can help Mom move more, reduce stress, and improve her overall health, Holland says.

Trackers range from simple bands that track steps to high-tech devices that count steps, monitor heart rate, track sleep, and even offer built-in recovery guides and training programs. If Mom loves tech, consider a more advanced gadget. Still, even the simplest ones can provide insights.

“You don’t need an expensive, complicated model,” Holland says. “Choose one that’s easy to use right out of the box.”

Weighted Blanket

While Mom is getting cozy, a new weighted blanket could add comfort and perhaps ease insomnia and anxiety.

“A weighted blanket is comforting, and it encourages your mom to stay put long enough to really relax,” says Kate Hanley, author of Stress Less and host of the How to Be a Better Person podcast.

Hanley suggests gifting mom a lap-sized weighted blanket for the couch or her favorite chair to see if she likes the cozy cover. Weighted blankets come in different weights. Look for one that is about 10% of your mom’s body weight to give her the biggest benefit.

Air Fryer

Despite their name, McManus notes, “You don't have to use an air fryer to make ‘fried’ foods.”

The miniature countertop convection ovens use fans to circulate hot air around food and can be used to cook everything from salmon to cheesecake – and use a fraction of the oil used in a deep fryer when Mom is craving comfort food like french fries.

McManus loves drawer-style air fryers, which she calls “the most convenient and safe to use and easiest to clean.” The heating element is inside the unit, lessening the risk of burns.

Tea Gift Box

Encourage your mother to have a grownup version of your childhood tea parties with a gift box filled with herbal teas, honey, a tea infuser, and a mug. There are even tea subscription services that will deliver new brews to your mom each month.

Sipping tea can be relaxing and comforting. Tea can also be part of a healthy lifestyle to ease inflammation, reduce stress, and get antioxidants linked to a lower risk of certain cancers and heart disease. (Of course, tea alone won’t do all of that. It’s your overall lifestyle – including not smoking, how much you move, what you eat, and getting enough sleep – as well as your genes and medical care that matter.)


Give Mom some puree power to make smoothies, salad dressings, hummus, and dips that tend to be healthier than store-bought brands, McManus suggests.

Blenders come in all price ranges. Whether you buy a high-end model or opt for a more affordable option, look for a blender with variable speed settings, a larger capacity, and a dishwasher-safe jar.


A blank journal is more than just a notebook. Studies show that journaling is linked with lower blood pressure, improved mood, and a greater sense of well-being – and a journal can have sentimental value, too.

“A journal is a meaningful present because it signifies that you think her thoughts are worthy of being written down,” Hanley says.

Make it even more thoughtful by choosing a journal that has an image or photo of someplace or something that your mom loves. For a personal touch, jot down a handwritten note inside the front cover.

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