Kim Kardashian's Real Life

Off camera, the reality TV star reveals her perfect date night, her workout secrets, and her best and worst health habits.

Medically Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD on May 26, 2010

Model, actress, socialite, and star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian surprised WebMD the Magazine with her confession that she's actually shy. But that doesn't seem to get in the way of the joy that she gets from actively engaging in life. Whether it's eating cupcakes in bed with boyfriend Reggie Bush or stepping out on Dancing with the Stars, Kardashian lives her life with grace, beauty, and, yes, glamour. Read on to learn how she keeps that beautiful body beautiful, what her worst health habit is (it's not really so bad), and what it's like to live in the spotlight.

What's something about you that even fans of your show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, might not know?

I'm shy! All my friends know that about me, so they were shocked to see me out dancing with the Pussycat Dolls. They're like, "Who is this person?" I do things like that and I'm literally crying right before I go out, I'm so nervous. Even on Dancing with the Stars I was shaking before I went out.

How do you handle pressure like that?

I just try to make it a point to do things that are out of my comfort zone. My stepfather, Bruce Jenner, always says to do things that are outside the box for you, because that's how you learn and grow. My mom signed me up for Dancing with the Stars and I said no, I can't do that! But I'm so glad I did. I end up loving doing things like that, and it makes me feel better when I've done them.

How do you and your boyfriend, New Orleans Saints star Reggie Bush, keep the fires burning? What are your top three tips for sustaining a long-term relationship?

First, take an interest in what the other person cares about. I watch Sports Center and all the guy stuff I wouldn't have been interested in before, and he has to watch all my E! entertainment shows. You'll probably surprise yourself with what you get interested in. I'll say to him, "Oh, so this guy is moving to your team!"

Second, make special date nights to go out. We could be super lazy and get into a rut, but we make sure we get out and make things special.

Third, remember that relationships are simple. Everyone thinks it's so complicated. We all just want to be appreciated, and the little things really help.

What's your idea of the perfect date night?

Getting take-out food, getting in bed and having a bed picnic! With a big towel on the bed, so nothing gets messy because I'm such a neat freak. I'll make cupcakes for dessert.

You're known for your sexy, fit image. How do you stay in shape?

It's not easy! But for me, it's all about feeling at my best. It's hard to eat well and work out all the time, but I know that looking my best makes me feel better. I'm really strict on discipline, because to get the results you want, you have to be. I try to always start my day with a workout.

What are your favorite exercises for when you're trying to get into even better shape?

Any stomach exercise really, really helps. Sit-ups and planks are great, and so are squats and lunges. And all of that stuff you can just do in your bedroom without any fitness equipment, which is great when you travel as much as I do.

What's your go-to healthy snack?

My favorite snack is dried fruit, since I'm trying not to eat as much candy anymore. Airports usually have great dried fruit to choose from.

What's your best and worst health habit?

My worst is definitely my sweet tooth. Cupcakes are my downfall! You can indulge every once in awhile, like once a week -- you can't kill yourself. My best habit is that I work out all the time, and I drink a lot of water. I don't really drink much soda.

What's your life philosophy?

You can get whatever you want, depending on how much effort and energy you put into it. Like at one point during the summer, Reggie and I weren't sure if we wanted to put in all the effort you need to maintain a great long-distance relationship. But we decided we do, so we put in that work and we have a great relationship. You can use the same motto for everything in life. If you put that effort in, you'll get what you want.

This is our Sex and the City-themed issue, so we have to ask: Which SATC character do you most relate to?

I'm like twins with Charlotte. I've had literally four boyfriends in my entire life. I was married for four years. I'm the relationship girl. I'm always at home cooking, wanting everything to be perfect.

How do you keep it real with your family and boyfriend, when the TV cameras are rolling all the time?

You don't really forget the cameras, because there's about 30 people standing behind you with a whole crew. But you obviously become more comfortable around them. I think it's the best way to tell our side of the story, through our eyes.

What do you do on your days off shooting, to unwind and recharge?

I'm a workaholic, and I really do love to work. But I'm really good at taking naps. I can take a quick nap, like a ten-minute snooze, and I'll be refreshed. Or just spending time with my friends relaxes me -- shopping, going to the movies, eating, and having sit-down time to chill and talk.

How do you cope with having a long-distance relationship?

Mostly, I think distance makes the heart grow fonder. It makes things exciting! But we try to have a rule where we don't go more than a week without seeing each other, and definitely not more than two weeks. We use Ichat a lot and text message a lot -- that really helps long distance relationships!

What's the best relationship advice you've ever gotten?

I think it was my friend Lala who told me, "Listen to your heart and not to so many different people's opinions. "Everyone will have a different opinion, and if you listen to too many other people, it will just confuse you. Make your own decisions, be sure that you're happy, and don't worry about what the mob is telling you.