How can you tell if pelvic support problems are causing chronic pelvic pain?


Sometimes women have pelvic pain when the muscles and ligaments that hold organs in place weaken. This causes organs like the uterus, the bladder, or the rectum to move from their normal places and herniate into the vagina. The vagina may also change shape. Pregnancy and giving birth may cause these kinds of problems. Symptoms you may have:

  • Leaking urine
  • Feeling like something is falling out of your vagina
  • Difficulty with bowel movements
  • Lower back pain
  • Pain during sex
  • Pelvic organs bulge into the vagina, or even stick out the vaginal opening, in severe cases
Reviewed by Traci C. Johnson on February 03, 2017
Reviewed by Traci C. Johnson on February 03, 2017


How can you tell if vulvodynia is causing chronic pelvic pain?


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