Self-Confidence Test

Find out if you have self-confidence

If you have high self-confidence, you will agree with the following statements:

  • I am eager to learn new things.
  • I take pride in doing a good job and being a nice person.
  • I can handle criticism without being too emotional.
  • I know what things I am good at, and those that I’m not.
  • It is okay if I win or if I lose.
  • Before I do something, I usually think “I can do it.”
  • I like to try to do things without help but, I don’t mind asking for help if I really need it.
  • I like my myself.

Does this sound like you? If some of the items in this checklist sound like you, that’s good… you’re developing self-confidence! Remember to tell yourself everyday that you are a capable person! If this doesn’t sound like you at all, click here to see if you have low self-confidence.

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