Understanding Breast Problems -- Symptoms

What Are the Symptoms of Breast Problems?

Symptoms of breast problems include:

  • Pain or a feeling of fullness in one or both breasts, that's not related to premenstrual swelling
  • Pain accompanied by redness and warmth or a discharge from the nipple; this may be an infection. Discharge can also be a sign of benign growth or breast cancer.
  • A lump that is movable and feels unattached to the chest wall; you may have a cyst or a fibroadenoma.
  • A lump that is hard, not movable, or feels attached to the chest wall, with or without pain, perhaps with dimpling or puckering of the breast; this may be a sign of breast cancer.

Call Your Doctor About Breast Problems If:

You notice any kind of new or unusual lump in your breasts, especially one that remains throughout your menstrual cycle. Although most lumps are harmless, in rare instances they may signal infection or cancer. Have your doctor check any lump.

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