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Laura Corio, MD. Ob-Gyn, NYU Medical Center

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Narrator: What tests I should ask my doctor to do to see if I am nearing menopause?

Laura Corio, MD: Clearly perimenopause is not diagnosed with blood test or even saliva test. It's really a diagnosis made by history and physical. However, I still like to test women on their second or third day of their period, just to see where they are hormonally. If the tests come back perfectly normal, they could still be in perimenopause, but if they come back abnormal, it could say something about how long this is going to be going on for.

Narrator: What does it tell you?

Laura Corio, MD: If your FSH is above a certain number, we use above 12, this can reflect upon the fact that women are not as fertile, and they clearly could be starting to see a change in the ovarian reserve.