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Laura Corio, MD. Ob-Gyn, NYU Medical Center

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Narrator: What can I do to cope with perimenopause symptoms?

Laura Corio, MD, Ob-Gyn: You know when a woman goes through perimenopause the most important thing she can do is to be positive about this experience and not let it get to her. I try to tell patients this is a period, a normal, natural transition, we all go through it and it will get better after the menopause. Patients should do their vitamins, they should do their exercise, they should look for herbal remedies if it is possible they can take them, there are a lot of natural herbal remedies, and lastly, if all that doesn't work, then they can go on bioidentical low dose hormones to get them through this period and it's not dangerous. They’re not going to stay on it indefinitely, and it could help your symptoms and make them feel more normal.