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    Hearing Loss

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    8 Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss


    5. Don't Smoke

    Tobacco can raise your risk for hearing loss too, research shows. So if you light up, that's one more good reason to quit. If you aren’t a smoker, avoid breathing secondhand smoke.

    6. Remove Earwax Properly

    A buildup of wax in your ears can muffle sound. But don't use a cotton swab to clean them out -- they can push wax even deeper in. Instead, use an at-home irrigation kit to soften wax and gently wash it out. If it gets compacted in your ear, your doctor may need to remove it.

    7. Check Medications for Hearing Risks

    About 200 meds can damage hearing, including some antibiotics and cancer-fighting drugs. Even high doses of aspirin can harm your ears. If you take a prescription medication, check with your doctor to make sure it won’t make an impact. If you must take a medication that may harm your ears, make sure your doctor checks your hearing and balance before and during your treatment.

    8. Have Your Hearing Tested

    Make an appointment to get a hearing test if you:

    • Have close relatives with hearing loss
    • Have trouble hearing conversations
    • Are around loud noises on a regular basis
    • Often hear ringing in your ears

    If you have some hearing loss, you can avoid getting more damage by steering clear of loud noises. If your problem is severe enough, think about a hearing aid or other treatment. Be sure to see your doctor if you have a sudden change in what you can hear that you can’t explain. It could be a symptom of other serious medical problems.

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