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  • Weight Loss & Obesity
    Upcoming: June 8, 2023
    Robert Kushner, MD

    Diabesity: When You Have Diabetes and Obesity

    In this webinar, you’ll learn about living with diabetes and obesity, a combined condition called “diabesity," and how to lower the risks of this disease. Register Now

  • Kevin Kalinsky, MD, MS

    Triple-Negative Breast Cancer: How We Are Learning to Treat It More Effectively

    This webinar will discuss how triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is different from other breast cancers and how doctors can treat it more effectively. Watch Now

  • Joe Nadglowski

    The Impact of Weight Bias

    In this webinar, you’ll learn what weight bias is, how to recognize it, and how this bias leads to serious physical and mental health issues. Watch Now

  • Ann Partridge, MD, MPH

    Diagnosed Under 40: Breast Cancer's Unique Impacts on Younger Women

    In this webinar, Ann H. Partridge, MD, MPH, of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School, will discuss the impacts of breast cancer on younger adults. Watch Now

  • Juliana Kling, MD, MPH

    Moving Beyond Hot Flashes – Treatment Options for Symptoms of Perimenopause and Menopause

    While the age when menopause happens can vary, symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats are common but treatable. Learn how to choose the best treatment for you in this webinar. Watch Now

  • Rachel Goldman PhD, FTOS

    How Can Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) Help With Weight Management?

    In this interactive webinar, learn how the link between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can play a role in weight management. Watch Now

  • Ilana Katz Sand, MD

    Multiple Sclerosis: What You Eat Matters

    In this webinar, MS expert Ilana Katz Sand, MD, will talk about ways diet affects your life when you have MS. She’ll explain the MIND diet and why docs think it helps. Watch Now

  • John Whyte, MD, MPH

    How to Take Charge of Your Heart Disease Risk

    Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the U.S. WebMD’s chief medical officer, John Whyte, MD, MPH, will share tips from his new book on heart-healthy living. Watch Now

  • Laurie Keefer, PhD

    Resilience in IBD: How Self-Management Skills Can Improve Your Quality of Life

    Research shows that being resilient can improve your quality of life with IBD. But did you know that resilience is a skill you can learn? Watch Now

  • Patricia Coyle, MD

    The Importance of Early Diagnosis in MS

    While there isn’t yet a cure for multiple sclerosis (MS), early diagnosis can be crucial. Learn more in a free webinar led by renowned expert Patricia Coyle, MD. Watch Now