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    WebMD offers credible and in-depth medical news, features, reference material, and online community programs. We are proud that others in the fields of media and health have recognized our efforts.


    Mr. Magazine

    • 2016 WebMD Magazine “Top 30” magazine launches of the last 30 years.

    Harris Poll

    • 2016 “Health Information Website Brand of the Year”

    20th Annual Webby Awards

    • 2016 Annual Webby Awards Winner for People’s Voice in the Health category for (fourth consecutive year).

    American Society of Business Publication Editors

    • 2016 Northeast Regional Awards-Web Microsite/Special Section Category for Medscape Business of Medicine


    19th Annual Webby Awards

    • 2015 People’s Voice Award in the Health Category for

    Medical Marketing & Media (MM&M)

    • 2015 Gold Award for Best Mobile App for Consumers (WebMD Baby App)
    • 2015 Award for “Best Healthcare Professional Media Brand” for Medscape (second consecutive year)

    2015 Telly Awards

    • Silver Award, Online Video, Information category for WebMD Interviews President Obama
    • Silver Award, Online Video, News/News Feature category for WebMD Interviews President Obama
    • Silver Award, Online Video, Online Webisode or Segment News category for WebMD Future of Health
    • Silver Award, Online Video, Health and Fitness category for When Autism Grows Up
    • Bronze Award, Online Video, Online Webisodes/Segments – Documentary category for WebMD Health Heroes
    • Bronze Award, Online Video, Online Webisodes/Segments – Web Series category for WebMD Health Heroes
    • Bronze Award, Online Video, Cultural category for Medical Marijuana: The Last Hope for Sick Children
    • Bronze Award, Online Video, Health & Fitness category for Mukherjee and Hudis on Emperor’s Journey
    • Bronze Award, Online Video, Health & Fitness category for NIH’s Collins on Changing the Future of Medicine


    Rx Club Award

    • 2013 Award of Excellence, Medscape App

    American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors (ASHPE) Awards

    • Gold, Best Website, by WebMD

    Eddie & Ozzie Awards

    • FOLIO Ozzie award, Best App, WebMD Magazine


    • Best Medical Mobile Application, Medscape App for iPhone

    Pearl Award

    • Silver Pearl Award from the Custom Content Council , Digital Publishing Best Mobile Application, WebMD Magazine

    PM360 Pharma Choice Awards

    • Bronze award, PM360 2012 Pharma Choice Awards App Category, Acid Burn Dexilant/WebMD App Partnership

    The Webby Awards

    • Webby Award, Health Category, WebMD
    • People's Voice award, Health Category, WebMD

    Web Health Awards

    • Silver award, Social Media: Twitter, @Medscape
    • Silver award, Webcast (video), Venter and Topol on the True Revolution in Medicine
    • Merit award, Best Microsite, Medscape's 2013 Physician Lifestyle Report


    Medical Marketing & Media (MM&M)

    • Gold award, Best Mobile App for Consumers, WebMD Baby App
    • Silver award, Best Healthcare Consumer Media Brand, WebMD the Magazine

    Cribsie Award

    • Coolest App for New Parents, WebMD Baby App

    Society of Professional Journalists

    Appy Awards – Finalist, Medical Category

    • Medscape App by WebMD/Medscape

    IFT (Institute of Food Technologists)

    Weidenbaum Center

    • Award for Evidence-Based Journalism "Vaccines: What Today's Parents Should Know"


    eHealthcare Leadership Awards

    • Best Overall Internet Site: Platinum
    • Best Health/Healthcare Content: Platinum

    Webby Awards

    • People's Voice Winner, Health category
    • Honoree, Best Practices

    Most Trusted U.S. Consumer Brand – Millward Brown Global Study

    • Most Trusted US Consumer Brand
    • Most Trusted and Recommended Internet Brand

    The Department of Health & Human Services

    • Excellence in Partnering Award

    Society of Professional Journalists

    • Excellence in Journalism for WebMD's "Gene test, Preventive Surgery Saves Women's Lives"

    Web Health Awards, Blog Division

    • Award of Merit for "The Heart Beat"
    • Bronze Award for "Everyday Fitness"

    W3 Awards

    • Gold – WebMD Mobile
    • Gold – WebMD for Android
    • Silver – WebMD
    • Silver – WebMD the App

    Communicator Awards

    • Gold - Award of Excellence for the iPhone App
    • Silver - Award of Distinction for the WebMD Mobile Website
    • Silver - Award of Distinction for WebMD, the site

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