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    What ADHD Looks Like at Different Ages

    Is your child just being an average child or does he have symptoms of ADHD? Learn what ADHD in children look like.

    Symptoms of ADHD at School & at Home

    When the Teacher Says Your Child May Have ADHD
    Teachers may be first to recognize ADHD symptoms. Here's how to cope when a teacher suggests ADHD, and what the teacher's role managing ADHD can be.
    ADHD in Girls vs. Boys: How Symptoms Differ
    A boy may be hyperactive, while a girl may be inattentive – but both could have ADHD. Find out how to recognize symptoms of ADHD in girls and boys.

    ADHD in Children: Diagnosis & Treatment

    ADHD: What You Need to Know
    A parent's guide to ADHD in children, including information on symptoms, ADHD medications, possible causes and more.
    When Should Your Child See a Doctor for ADHD?
    Find out how your pediatrician can help determine whether your child has ADHD, and get tips on behavioral techniques that help manage symptoms.
    Diagnosing ADHD in Children: What to Expect
    There's no lab test to determine whether your child has ADHD, so your doctor will use several methods to make an assessment. Here's what to expect.
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