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    1. Immunotherapy Benefits Last After Shots Stop

      March 23, 2005 -- Immunotherapy Immunotherapy may keep your allergies at bay long after the shots stop, according to a new study. Researchers found people who had immunotherapy, which consists of repeated shots containing low levels of allergy-causing substances (allergens), were still reaping the b

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    2. Treating Allergies Without Shots

      March 18, 2005 -- Under-the-tongue medications may safely treat allergies in little kids and ease dust mite allergies in adults. Two new Italian studies report favorable results with under-the-tongue treatments called sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) that boost immunity to allergy triggers. The studi

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    3. Allergy Major Cause of 'Toxic Mold Syndrome'

      Feb. 24, 2005 -- Mold allergies -- not mold poisoning -- cause most cases of " toxic mold syndrome ," new study explains. But the study also shows that many cases of mold-linked illness can't be explained by allergic reactions. The report, by allergists David A. Edmondson, DO, Jordan N. Fink, MD, an

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    4. A Healthy Gut May Resist Allergies, Asthma

      Dec. 23, 2004 -- Allergies and asthma may start in your gut. Upset the gut's natural mix of helpful bacteria and fungi, and allergies and asthma may develop. According to researchers, the rates of allergies and asthma have increased. They say this correlates with increasing antibiotic use and possib

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    5. Common Bacteria Helps Treat Food Allergies

      Nov. 12, 2004 - An experimental treatment for peanut, milk, and wheat allergies appears to have fared well in lab tests on dogs, markedly reducing the severe allergic response in these animals, say California researchers. Experts from four universities -- Stanford University and the University of Ca

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    6. Study Hints at Possible Allergy-Cancer Link

      Nov. 3, 2004 -- People who suffer from some allergies, such as hives and eczema, may have a higher risk of developing cancers of the blood later in life, a new study suggests. Although previous studies have suggested that allergies may have the opposite effect and help protect against cancer, Swedis

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    7. Hypoallergenic Cats: Solution for Cat Allergy?

      Oct. 28, 2004 -- For $3,500, you can own the world's first hypoallergenic kitten. Yes folks, the kitten is due off the "assembly line" in 2007 and promises to solve the dilemma of cat lovers suffering from a cat allergy. Allergy specialists, however, have their doubts. The cat in question is no clon

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    8. C-Section May Increase Kids Allergy Risks

      Oct. 20, 2004 -- Babies born via caesarean section (C-section) may face a higher risk of food allergies and diarrhea as infants than others, a new study shows. German researchers found babies born via C-section were twice as likely to be sensitive to common foods, such as cows' milk, at 12 months of

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    9. Airborne Fungus May Cause Chronic Stuffy Nose

      Oct. 8, 2004 -- Scientists may be one step closer to understanding why some people have chronic stuffy noses. An overblown immune system response to a common fungus may be the reason. Most people get stuffy noses only occasionally. However, chronic stuffy nose is common enough to cost about $5.6 bil

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    10. Nose Cream Blows Off Hay Fever, Allergies

      Aug. 16, 2004 -- A new nose cream looks promising in taming hay fever and other allergy symptoms, new research shows. The ointment seems to form a barrier that traps pollen and other allergens -- reducing the number that enter the nose, reports researcher Swetlana Schwetz, MD, an immunologist with F

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