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    Pet Allergy Checklist

    If you've got a pet allergy, take action now to cut down your symptoms. Some simple steps can make all the difference.

    1. Keep pets out of bedrooms. It’s hard, but never let them sleep on your bed.

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    2. Clear away clutter. Less stuff makes it easier to clean and get rid of dander, the dead skin cells shed by pets that trigger allergies.

    3. Keep your floors bare. Carpets trap dander.

    4. Bathe pets regularly. For best results, have someone else do it. A frequent bath can wash away those sneeze-inducing allergens.

    5. Ask a family member to change the litter box or clean an animal's bed. They are dander hotspots.

    6. Vacuum weekly. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

    7. Visit with pet-owning friends outside your home. Their clothes will bring in dander. Meet them at a restaurant or somewhere else instead.

    8. Cover vents with cheesecloth. It can catch the allergens before they're blown into the air.

    9. Use synthetic pillows. Ones that are made out of feathers can make your symptoms worse.

    10. Prepare with medication . Take medicine before you visit a place with pets.

    11. Find a fish friend. There's no such thing as an allergy-free dog or cat, so consider another kind of pet.

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