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Caregiver's Challenge: Taking Care of Yourself

Parenting Your Kids and Your Parents
Juggling kids, career, and caregiving for parents with Alzheimer's -- welcome to the Sandwich Generation. Here's how to cope.
Finding the Right Caregiving Balance
To keep your own health up, you need to strike a balance between caring for your loved one and yourself. These tips can help.

11 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1.How can I get my loved one to eat?
  2. 2.What can I do to help my loved one preserve memory?
  3. 3.Is exercise good for someone with Alzheimer’s?
  4. 4.What is sundown syndrome?

Alzheimer’s Caregiving: Helping a Loved One With Daily Life

8 Ways to Help Cope with Memory Problems
Alzheimer's disease makes it hard to remember things and make decisions. Use these tips to help your loved one cope with memory loss.
9 Things You Need to Know About Alzheimer's
Living with a person who has Alzheimer's disease is stressful. These tips help you manage the disease and make life easier for you and your loved one.
Nutrition & Alzheimer's Disease: Boost Energy Through Diet
A well-balanced, nutritious diet helps provide more energy, prevent constipation, and ease dry mouth.
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