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How Your Team Works Together

Pregnancy care is often a team effort. Each provider has something to contribute.

  • OBs and family doctors often work with nurse practitioners, nurse-midwives, dietitians, and others during prenatal visits. One expert may examine you. Another may teach you about pregnancy and childbirth. And still another may give you advice about what to eat and other health choices.
  • If your OB is in a group practice, you may see different OBs at your visits. Any one of them may deliver your baby if your doctor isn't available. Consider whether you are comfortable with all the providers in the practice. You may not have any say in who attends your birth when the time comes.   
  • Midwives in private practice often do all routine prenatal care. They consult with an OB when necessary. They may team up with a second midwife during labor and delivery.
  • Midwives, family doctors, and OBs will consult with an MFM specialist if you or your baby have any complications. An MFM specialist may co-manage your care if needed.
  • At the birth there may be other experts in your care, including nurses, anesthesiologists, and other staff.