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    6 Inspiring Female Bloggers

    "My blog has kept me from giving up on myself."

    Kim Robinson, 37

    Recently I did something so surreal that I'm still not quite sure it happened. I tried on a pair of shorts in a size 8 — and they fit! I checked that tag a half a dozen times to make sure that my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. They weren't.

    I started my gazillionth attempt to lose weight two years ago, with the hope of losing 90 pounds. I was exhausted all the time and unhappy with myself. Every day there was so much to do for everyone else that taking care of me was always the first thing to come off my daily task list. It was when I realized that I was cheating my kids out of my being the best mom I could be that I knew I had to change, but the task seemed so insurmountable that I could hardly allow myself to believe it could happen. Still, I kept reading weight-loss blogs about women who had accomplished the very thing I dreamed of doing.

    Since I've kept journals for as long as I can remember, it made sense for me to take the plunge and create a blog of my own. I never even told anyone other than my sister that I had started blogging. The last thing I wanted (or needed!) was to have people I know looking at me and thinking all of the horrible things that I thought about myself. How embarrassing! But as I began commenting on weight-loss blogs (and including a link to my own), other bloggers began reading. And even though I felt like all I did was complain, they began commenting — and, thanks to their sweet words of encouragement, I began living a healthier lifestyle. They were kind to me when I couldn't be kind to myself. The support I've received has been nothing short of amazing. I have never met any of these other bloggers in person, but I feel such a strong sense of friendship.

    Now, almost two years later and 70 pounds lighter, I use my blog as a safe place to brag about my success and confess when I feel like I'm struggling. It has kept me honest and accountable, lifted my spirits, and made me feel understood. It has kept me from giving up on myself. All of this from people who would never have known a single thing about me, let alone the deep dark secret of how much I weigh.

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