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    Last-Minute Beauty Emergencies

    Zit? Redness? Puffy eyes? Banish them before the paparazzi notice.

    Double-Duty Makeup

    No superstar makeup artist on call? Save time with cosmetics that multitask.

    Skin-Friendly Cosmetics

    Show your skin some love! Choose makeup that's good for your skin and looks spectacular.

    Make It Last

    It's going to be a great, late night. Love your look every moment of it.

    Workday to Wow

    Stash these in your bag or at your desk to rev up your look anytime, anywhere.

    Red Carpet Makeup Poll

    What's your go-to makeup trick for a special event?

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    Video: Top Red Carpet Makeup Tricks

    Steal these tips from the best makeup artists.

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