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    STEP 4: Open Your Eyes

    Give lashes a subtle boost by curling them and then swiping them with one coat of brown or dark brown lengthening mascara. This is a good time to give your regular black mascara a break -- you just want to add a little contrast, not drama, to your eyes.

    For your lids, “you can still use a shadow and look natural,” Schook says. “Just use cream shadows in skin-tone-friendly shades instead of powders that can sit on the skin and make it look like you are wearing makeup.”

    Bonus tip: If you have sparse brows or gaps to fill in, use a stiff brush to apply brow powder for a natural and subtle arch. And if you can’t leave home without eyeliner, smudge a little into the outer corners of your eye.

    STEP 5: Pucker Up

    Polish off your no-makeup look with a swipe of lip gloss in a color that’s just one shade brighter than your natural lip color. Even better? New York makeup artist Denise Del Russo recommends using a color-adjusting gloss. The shade changes to suit your individual skin tone when you apply it.

    Bonus tip: Mist your skin with a weightless makeup-setting spray after you finish applying. Use the spray throughout the day to help your makeup stay fresh.