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The Autism and Vaccines Link: Why It Won't Go Away

Science says no. But thousands of passionate parents believe vaccines triggered their child's autism.

What Is Autism? Signs & Symptoms

Autism spectrum disorders cover a range of conditions that affect children. Here's what to look for.

Why Is Autism on the Rise?

The CDC says 1 in 150 children have autism today. Are we diagnosing autism more easily, or are cases truly soaring?

The Challenges of Raising an Autistic Child

Raising and Loving Your Autistic Child
Sometimes you may feel like the medical case manager for your autistic child. But you are also your child's best advocate and emotional support.

Autism Questions and Answers

Temple Grandin, PhD: From Autistic Child to Scientist
Temple Grandin blazed a path for people with autism disorder. Here are her insights and hopes for today's children with autism.
Talk With Others: WebMD's Autism Message Board
Regardless of where your child falls on the autism spectrum, he or she is still just a kid -- your kid. Get support and feedback from other parents.

Autism in the News

Dad in Autism-Vaccine Case Speaks Out

Federal Officials Say Girl's Autism-Like Symptoms Linked to Vaccines

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