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    Breast Cancer Survivors: Fashion Hints After Your Mastectomy

    Mastectomy bras, mastectomy clothing, mastectomy swimsuits, and other mastectomy fashion items may help women dress after mastectomy.

    Bras: Choose from Lacy, Demure and Sporty continued...

    Your doctor may have advised you to avoid underwire bras, especially if you've had lymph nodes removed. (A protruding wire could easily jab you in an area that's lost some sensation after surgery, cutting your skin and leaving you open to infection.) For large-breasted women, that can pose a problem.

    "My doctors told me not to wear an underwire, since I have no feeling where I had my lumpectomy," says Bernard. "So for the longest time, I never wore underwires, and it wasn't the most flattering look." Then a friend found an underwire bra at a maternity store. "It has a very short wire, and it's never going to poke out or up in the wrong place. So there are some styles that you can wear, and you may be able to find them at a maternity store."

    Finding Attractive Swimsuits and Evening Wear

    Swimsuits are often one of the biggest challenges for women who've had breast cancer. "I like to swim, and at first I was embarrassed to wear a swimsuit at the gym," says Bernard. "But a lot of swimsuits are cut high under the arms or at the neckline, and I find that no one notices my scars." Need a suit with pockets for a breast prosthesis? Land's End sells a couple of different options, including a tank suit and a high-neck tankini for two-piece wear.

    What about evening wear? If you're worried about a scar showing when you wear a halter dress or a low-cut gown, you have more style options than ever before. "Shawls are very fashionable nowadays, and they allow you to cover up in a way that's stylish," says McCabe. Other options for evening wear cover-ups include lacy capelets (hugely popular this season) and elegant faux-fur shoulder wraps.

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