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    Children and Contact Lenses

    Which Lenses Are Best for My Child?

    The proper contact lenses for your child is a question your eye doctor can best answer. But here's a thought: If the eye doctor prescribes disposable soft lenses for your child, consider opting for daily disposable soft lenses rather than the less expensive disposables that are worn for two weeks and discarded. "Dailies" eliminate the need to disinfect and clean lenses, so lens care is simpler. Learning to apply and remove the lenses is faster when the child changes them every day.

    What About "Decorative" Contact Lenses?

    This question arises every year around Halloween, and during other holidays as well. Some lens patterns can really make eyes win the prize! If an eye doctor prescribes them, they can be safe as well as fun. (Keep in mind, though, that these lenses do not correct vision.)

    The problem is, many people don't get these lenses fitted by an eye doctor. Some buy them at places like beauty stores and flea markets, without realizing that these "outlaw" lenses do not have the same quality as fitted lenses. The FDA strongly warns that anyone using these lenses is at high risk for eye infection, injury, vision loss, even blindness. Obviously, no child should be allowed to run such a serious risk.

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