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    Learn which fibromyalgia treatments work best, including treatments that target muscle pain and trigger points, treatments that help with sleep problems and depression, and treatments that help manage stress and anxiety.


    Get up-to-date information on the latest fibromyalgia treatments -- from medications to ease pain, fatigue, and sleep problems to physical therapy, relaxation modalities, and regular exercises.

    Fibromyalgia medications treat symptoms, such as the deep muscle pain, sleep problems, anxiety, and depression. Learn more to find out which medication might be right for you.

    Cymbalta helps people manage the unique symptoms of fibromyalgia. Is this medicine right for you?

    Doctors think Lyrica may help fibromyalgia by calming overly excited nerves that cause pain. Learn more to see if this treatment may help you.

    Doctors aren't exactly sure how Savella helps fibromyalgia but it's been shown to relieve pain and improve physical function. Learn more.

    Physical therapy is often recommended to help ease fibromyalgia pain and teach self-management skills. Learn more about the different types of physical therapy for fibromyalgia.

    You've probably heard that medical marijuana can help with pain. But is it right for fibromyalgia? See what the experts have to say.

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