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    Heartburn: Questions for Your Pharmacist

    1. 1.Could medications I take be causing my heartburn?
    2. 2.What’s a safe, simple heartburn treatment?
    3. 3.How long does it take for heartburn treatment to work?

    What's Your Heartburn Personality?

    Rarely but Impatient
    I don't get heartburn often, but want a quick fix when I do. Why does this happen? What's a fast over-the-counter remedy for heartburn sufferers like me?
    Occasional and Hopeful
    I get heartburn every once in a while, a few times a month. Is this more serious than simple heartburn? I'd like to know how to prevent my symptoms, and get tips for heartburn relief.
    Constant and Chronic
    I worry about heartburn constantly. It seems like I have heartburn symptoms more than most people, and I'm not sure what to do. This has been going on for quite awhile.

    Special Heartburn Triggers

    My Medications Cause Heartburn

    What can you do if antibiotics, aspirin, or other medicines trigger heartburn?

    I Get Heartburn After Exercise

    Jarring exercise can cause acid reflux. Try these tips to exercise with ease.

    What usually triggers your symptoms?