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    At WebMD, we want to help our members when they need it the most. Here is a list of crisis resources, hotlines, and web sites that may be of help if you or someone you know may be in trouble. If you think you need immediate help and cannot speak to a family member, a medical professional, or a member of the clergy, please reach out to one of these organizations or dial 911 immediately.



    Suicide Hotline Numbers

    "If you are thinking about suicide... Read this first": from





    Domestic and Child Abuse


    Eating Disorders


    Elder Care


    Mental Health Information


    Missing Children


    Volunteering/Disaster Relief

    NOTE: This is not a complete list of resources. WebMD has not evaluated these services, and we can't endorse them. We do not have any agreements with these services or organizations and we do not receive a fee from them for the listing.

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