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    Holly Clegg

    Known as the “Queen of Quick,” Holly Clegg’s recipes are time-, user-, and pantry-friendly. As a mother, wife, and cookbook author, Clegg appreciates the ability to create a tasty dish that is both convenient and healthy. Perfect for people on-the-go, Clegg’s recipes aim to never sacrifice taste or flavor while still maintaining nutritional balance.

    Clegg has offered expert advice on quick, flavorful, and healthy eating for nearly 20 years through her best-selling trim&TERRIFIC cookbook series. Clegg has been featured in USA Today, Country Living Magazine, and First for Women. She was also recognized as one of the Top Louisiana Chefs of 2011 by the American Culinary Federation of New Orleans. With nearly 1 million books sold, Clegg reigns supreme when it comes to helping today’s busy person cook everyday meals that are fast and fit into an overall healthy lifestyle.

    As a long-time Baton Rouge resident, Clegg brings her Southern charm to every aspect of her life. Her busy lifestyle and desire to feed her own family healthy, homemade meals -- even when in a time crunch -- has served as her inspiration throughout the years. For more information about Clegg, visit or

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