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    Jane Middelton-Moz

    Jane Middelton-Moz, founder and director of Middelton-Moz Associates, is known internationally for her work in the areas of adult children of alcoholics, multi-generational grief in individuals and families, children of trauma, ethnic and cultural awareness, differential diagnosis, cultural self-hate, and multi-generational sexual and physical abuse in families. She is a teacher, lecturer, and author of Children of Trauma: Rediscovering Your Discarded Self; Shame and Guilt: The Masters of Disguise; and Boiling Point: The High Cost of Unhealthy Anger and Disconnection to Individuals, Relationships, and Society, among other books.

    Middelton-Moz is on the advisory board of the National Association for Native American Children of Alcoholics. She has a master's degree in clinical psychology.

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