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    Karolee Stauduhar, PT

    Karolee Stauduhar is a physical therapist working in the pediatric outpatient setting. She has a biology undergraduate degree from the University of Dallas and is a graduate of the physical therapy program at the University of Minnesota. 

    Stauduhar has worked in variety of settings over twenty years and in five states. She began her career in a hospital setting in Iowa as coordinator of services with Iowa's area education agency, serving the 0- to 3-year population in home settings and consulting in classrooms. In Tampa, Fla., she worked at the Shriners Hospital orthopedic unit. Later, in Orlando, she worked in home care with adult orthopedics (post-joint replacement) and fall-prevention programs. She also worked in assisted living with older, independent clients to treat a variety of medical conditions and implement care. After moving to Atlanta she returned to pediatrics, helping clients with autism, cerebral palsy, orthopedic injuries, and variety of neurological impairments.  

    Stauduhar is married with four children, and she's a grandmother. She enjoys the outdoors, hiking, bird-watching, family life, and continuing to learn and marvel at the advances in medicine, especially the neurosciences.

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