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  1. Cancer Caregivers Share Patient Stresses

    June 11, 2010 -- Ed Grace’s journey as a caregiver began in December of 2004 when his wife, Diana, a nonsmoker, was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. Over the next 2 1/2 years, the semi-retired aerospace engineer experienced many of the same emotional highs and lows as his wife as she underwent e

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  2. Pill Shrinks Some Lung Cancers

    June 7, 2010 (Chicago) -- An experimental pill shrank tumors in lung cancer patients who have a specific genetic abnormality. After treatment with the drug crizotinib, tumors shrank or stopped growing in more than 90% of 82 advanced lung cancer patients with the genetic abnormality. In 57%, tumors s

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  3. Study: Shark Cartilage No Help for Cancer

    May 26, 2010 -- Hopes that shark cartilage would prove to be a useful treatment for cancer were not borne out in one of the most rigorously designed and executed studies of an alternative therapy ever conducted. Adding a drug derived from shark cartilage to standard cancer treatments did not improve

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  4. New Progress in Targeted Lung Cancer Therapy

    April 19, 2010 (Washington, D.C.) -- New research offers hope that people with lung cancer will live longer if drug therapy is guided by the molecular traits of tumors. "The goal is to match the correct drug with the right patient, based on the best tumor markers we have," says Roy Herbst, MD, of th

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  5. New Way to Treat Inoperable Lung Cancer

    March 16, 2010 -- An experimental type of highly focused radiation therapy may control inoperable lung cancer tumors and help people with the deadly disease live longer. A new study shows stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) effectively controlled more than 87% of early-stage inoperable non-sm

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  6. Widespread Misperceptions About Lung Cancer

    Feb. 22, 2010 -- Most people in the U.S. underestimate the deadliness of lung cancer, but African-American's misperceptions about the disease may be especially hazardous to their own health, a study shows. The results show the vast majority of American adults don't know that more than three-fourths

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  7. Cigars, Pipes No Safer Than Cigarettes

    Feb. 16, 2010 -- Switching from cigarettes to cigars or pipes isn’t going to do your lungs any favors. A new study suggests that pipe and cigar smoking may be more harmful than thought. Researchers say cigarette smoking has declined in recent years, and pipe and cigar smoking have increased, partly

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  8. Smokers With Lung Cancer: Not Too Late to Quit

    Jan. 21, 2010 -- Smokers with lung cancer who have asked "Why quit now, I'm already sick?" may find new motivation in this answer: Doing so could double their odds of survival over five years. A report published online today in BMJ suggests that people who give up smoking after being diagnosed with

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  9. Blood Test for Lung Cancer in the Works

    Jan. 13, 2010 (Coronado, Calif.) -- A blood test under study to help diagnose lung cancer looks promising, researchers reported Tuesday at a cancer meeting in California. If perfected, the test could help spare patients the need to undergo invasive procedures such as biopsies when lung cancer is sus

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  10. Lung Cancer Drug Zaps Tumor Blood Vessels

    Jan. 13, 2010 (Coronado, Calif.) -- A new lung cancer drug that disrupts blood vessels within the tumor and inhibits blood flow to it looks promising, say researchers who are slated to report their findings Thursday at a cancer meeting in California. When added to traditional chemotherapy, the new d

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