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  1. Cigars, Pipes No Safer Than Cigarettes

    Feb. 16, 2010 -- Switching from cigarettes to cigars or pipes isn’t going to do your lungs any favors. A new study suggests that pipe and cigar smoking may be more harmful than thought. Researchers say cigarette smoking has declined in recent years, and pipe and cigar smoking have increased, partly

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  2. Smokers With Lung Cancer: Not Too Late to Quit

    Jan. 21, 2010 -- Smokers with lung cancer who have asked "Why quit now, I'm already sick?" may find new motivation in this answer: Doing so could double their odds of survival over five years. A report published online today in BMJ suggests that people who give up smoking after being diagnosed with

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  3. Lung Cancer Drug Zaps Tumor Blood Vessels

    Jan. 13, 2010 (Coronado, Calif.) -- A new lung cancer drug that disrupts blood vessels within the tumor and inhibits blood flow to it looks promising, say researchers who are slated to report their findings Thursday at a cancer meeting in California. When added to traditional chemotherapy, the new d

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  4. Blood Test for Lung Cancer in the Works

    Jan. 13, 2010 (Coronado, Calif.) -- A blood test under study to help diagnose lung cancer looks promising, researchers reported Tuesday at a cancer meeting in California. If perfected, the test could help spare patients the need to undergo invasive procedures such as biopsies when lung cancer is sus

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  5. Compound May Fight Hard-to-Treat Lung Cancer

    Dec. 29, 2009 -- Scientists at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute say they have developed a compound that may be capable of halting a common type of drug-resistant lung cancer. Their study is published in the Dec. 24/31 issue of the journal Nature. The researchers say the framework of the new compound

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  6. Survival Improves Slightly for Advanced Lung Cancer

    Dec. 2, 2009 -- Survival for the advanced stage of the most common form of lung cancer is slightly better than it was 20 years ago, a new study says. Reporting in the November issue of the Journal of Thoracic Oncology, researchers say one-year survival of people with stage IV non-small-cell lung can

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  7. Erbitux Helps Treat Advanced Lung Cancer

    Sept. 23, 2009 (Berlin) -- Adding the targeted drug Erbitux to standard chemotherapy drugs significantly cuts the risk of death for advanced non-small-cell lung cancer patients -- regardless of what chemotherapy combination is used. Last year, researchers reported that patients lived five weeks long

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  8. Hormones Raise Risk of Lung Cancer Death

    June 3, 2009 (Orlando) -- The hormone replacement therapy taken by millions of women to relieve hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause may raise the risk of dying from lung cancer, researchers say. New findings from the landmark Women’s Health Initiative study show that women with non-small cel

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  9. Lung CT Scans Produce False Alarms

    June 1, 2009 (Orlando) -- One in three people who undergo serial CT scans to spot lung cancer are given false-positive results that can lead to unnecessary -- and potentially harmful -- follow-up tests, government researchers report. The false alarms also cause needless anxiety that can have a negat

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  10. Urine Test for Lung Cancer?

    April 20, 2009 (Denver) -- Researchers are a step closer to developing a simple urine test to identify smokers at high risk of developing lung cancer. Although the test is still years away, the hope is to spot high-risk people earlier, when there’s still time to prevent or treat the cancer, says Jia

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