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    Spring 2017

    Veg out with pasta and pizza recipes that cut down on carbs and load up on flavor.

    Winter 2016

    Discover delicious holiday favorites with a healthy twist.

    Fall 2016

    Pack a healthy, tasty lunch, from mason jars to bento boxes.

    Summer 2016

    Spice up your grill game with healthy, global flavors.

    Spring 2016

    Recipes and tips for the season's freshest veggies.

    Winter 2015

    Healthy appetizers for the holidays and beyond.

    Fall 2015

    Super-fast, healthy weeknight meals.

    Summer 2015

    Fire up your summer with these healthy recipes for the grill.

    Spring 2015

    Give your pantry a healthy makeover.

    Nov./Dec 2014

    Tips to stay healthy and fit during the holiday season.

    September 2014

    Meal planning tips, great outdoor workouts, and more.

    June 2014

    Summer tips on meals, weight loss, travel, and dealing with fatigue.

    March/April 2014

    Healthy breakfasts, plus tips on allergies, self care, and more!

    Winter 2013

    Demi Lovato
    talks about
    health, family,
    and career.

    September 2013

    Diet, exercise,
    and sleep tips
    to boost your
    health this fall.

    Fall 2013

    Off screen,
    TV vampire
    Ian Somerhalder
    tackles global

    June 2013

    travel,and more
    healthy summer

    June 2013 Health Highlights

    Healthy living
    advice for those with
    headache pain and migraines

    November/December 2012 Diabetes

    Chef Sam
    Talbot shares
    his favorite
    friendly recipes.

    September 2012

    News and advice on blood sugar control, healthy living, and more!

    Fall 2012 Campus

    Emma Roberts talks about her new movie and young adulthood.

    July/August 2012

    Food, fitness, and more healthy tips for people with diabetes.

    July/August Pets 2012

    Maria Menounos takes action for dogs in Los Angeles.

    July/August 2012
    Health Highlights

    The latest research about arthritis and pain, plus healthy living tips.

    May 2012 Smile

    What to Expect star Anna Kendrick tells us what brings her joy.

    Fall 2011 Campus

    Miranda Cosgrove has a new venture: heading off to college.

    November/December 2011 Baby

    Singer/songwriter Jewel nurtures her youngest fan, Kase.

    Fall 2011 Pets

    Nikita star Maggie Q fights for the rights of all animals.

    July/August 2011 Baby Pregnancy Edition

    Mel B sings the joys of motherhood.

    June 2011 Smile

    Amy Brenneman's healthy juggling act.

    Back Issues

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    Jan./Feb. 2017

    Anthony Anderson talks about his road to living well with diabetes.

    Nov./Dec. 2016

    Seth Rogen and his wife raise hope and awareness for Alzheimer's research.

    October 2016

    Gabrielle Union speaks up about breast cancer awareness.

    September 2016

    Soledad O'Brien talks kids' health and self-help.

    July/August 2016

    Nick Cannon shows us how he lives well with lupus.

    June 2016

    Jamie-Lynn Sigler opens up about life with MS.

    May 2016

    Cameron Diaz shares insight on aging healthier and happier.

    March/April 2016

    Christina Aguilera speaks out about childhood hunger.

    Jan./Feb. 2016

    Olivia Munn kicks off the new year with healthy choices.

    Nov./Dec. 2015

    Glenn Close works to change minds about mental illness.

    October 2015

    Mariska Hargitay fights for victims, onscreen and off.

    September 2015

    TV host Seth Myers stays up late – and stays healthy, too.

    July/August 2015

    How Heidi Klum manages her family and career.

    June 2015

    Joe Manganiello's fitness secrets? Discipline and determination.

    May 2015

    Robin Roberts reveals her "health heroes."

    March/April 2015

    Michael Strahan shares his playbook for life after the gridiron.

    January/February 2015

    Kristen Bell keeps health, motherhood and life in balance.

    Nov./Dec. 2014

    Michael J. Fox, Parkinson's warrior.

    October 2014

    Queen Latifah reigns supreme in her career and her family.

    September 2014

    Denzel Washington's most important role yet – mentor.

    July/August 2014

    Zoe Saldana on playing – and being -- a strong woman.

    June 2014

    Off Broadway, the busy actor makes time for fatherhood.

    May 2014

    Nicole Kidman helps empower women around the world.

    March/April 2014

    Chelsea Handler on the power of self acceptance and humor.

    January/February 2014

    Connie Britton on health, cancer, and losing her mother.

    October 2013

    Julianna Marguiles makes time for acting, family, ALS – and herself.

    September 2013

    How Sophia Vergara faced down a big health scare.

    July/August 2013

    Funny guy Chris Rock talks bullying, parenting, and Grown Ups 2.

    June 2013

    Carmelo Anthony helps kids in need play basketball.

    May 2013

    Katherine Heigl tells us about her pet cause: helping homeless animals.

    March/April 2013

    In her new film, Hilary Swank challenges childhood malaria.

    January/February 2013

    Mindy Kaling steps out of "The Office" and into her new show.

    November/December 2012

    How Taylor Swift stays grounded as she rises to the top.

    October 2012

    Miranda Lambert's new health routine, plus her big love of dogs.

    September 2012

    Viola Davis won't back down when it comes to helping kids.

    July/August 2012

    Kyra Sedgewick on mothering, marriage, and her marvelous career.

    June 2012

    Matthew McConaughey helps at-risk youth get fit and healthy.

    May 2012

    Smash star UmaThurman helps parents give babies a healthy start.

    March/April 2012

    Jennifer Lopez has a new role: helping improve kids' health.

    January/February 2012

    Julianne Moore on family, career, and improving children's lives.

    November/December 2011

    Alicia Keys helps African children affected by HIV and AIDS.

    October 2011

    Christina Hendricks on her body, her career, and how she stays grounded.

    September 2011

    Sarah Jessica Parker shows how she does it all.

    July/August 2011

    Bryce Dallas Howard opens up about balancing work and family.

    June 2011

    No. 1 tennis player Rafael Nadal shares his secrets for success on and off the court.

    May 2011

    Edie Falco talks about being Nurse Jackie and raising two kids as a single mom.

    March/April 2011

    Actor Julie Bowen shares her philosophy for modern motherhood.

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